The Alliance for Health Equity Receives Grant from Health Partners Foundation in Support of Coatesville Food Truck Project

On January 6, 2021

(Coatesville, Pennsylvania) – Using a targeted regional commitment to address food insecurity, in part due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and limited access to healthy food, the Health Partners Foundation has awarded The Alliance for Health Equity a $25,000 grant. The funds will be used to expand the Coatesville Food Truck Project in providing culturally nutritious meals to Coatesville families struggling with food insecurity.

“The clients we serve already have to balance the need to pay for medication, healthcare services, basic needs like rent or putting food on the table,” said Staci Scott, Executive Director of Health Partners Foundation.  “Our foundation has made food insecurity a priority within the region and supports inspiring positive community change. Partnering with The Alliance for Health Equity allows us to provide additional resources and align Health Partners Plan to offer comprehensive health promotion along with healthcare services in the city of Coatesville where food insecurity need is great.”

The Alliance for Health Equity launched the Coatesville Food Truck Project in October 2020 through an unrestricted grant to the Melton Center in the amount of $20,000 and since then has raised an additional $52,500 to address the growing number of families challenged with getting adequate healthy food. In addition to families receiving culturally healthy prepared meals, the Melton Center also provides access to much needed easy to read health and wellness information.

“We are excited that Health Partners Foundation has recognized the importance of the Coatesville Food Truck Project in our community,” said Vanessa Briggs, president & CEO of The Alliance for Health Equity. “We are truly grateful for Health Partners Foundation’s generosity and commitment to address this important basic need, but we are equally excited to leverage additional resources in support of expanding the Melton Center’s efforts as the city of Coatesville continues to see more and more families struggle to feed their families.”

This grant marks the beginning of a partnership between The Alliance for Health Equity and Health Partners Foundation and a call to action for others to support the Coatesville Food Truck Project as part of the community food ecosystem.

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