Coatesville Black Media Renaissance Project

Who We Are

Created by The CBMR

Community Voice lifts up The Coatesville Black Media Renaissance initiative. The Coatesville Black Media Renaissance gives local artists and artisans a vehicle to amplify important social issues impacting the City of Coatesville through a variety of media platforms such as print, mural arts, design, social media, film and spoken word local residents, entrepreneurs, activists, and artist inform and influence media stories and narratives.

Our Recent Work


Workshop for Teens

Heather Myers, CBMR Member, held a workshop in July to teach Coatesville teens ages 10-16 how to use writing as a coping mechanism for therapy.

Online Webinars

During August and September of 2021, the CBMR held three online webinars relating to education, mental health, and economic mobility. Members brought in various stakeholders, educators, and legislatures to discuss and inform various options, support, and resources for the Coatesville community.
Coatesville Youth Voices Project: The youth of the city of Coatesville speak about racism and the impacts it has on our community.
CBMR members interviewing Women of Excellence in Coatesville, beginning with Betty Taylor.
In September 2021, CBMR held a showcase event at Gateway Event to highlight Coatesville’s poets, singers, artists, and businesses
Shining a spotlight on the Coatesville Black Media Renaissance local artists and members of the planning committee, Community Activist Fonz Newsuan, of City Town Talk gets up close with the CBMR!

* This project is funded by the Independence Public Media Foundation.