2020 Census Toolkit

As a Census Champion, The Alliance for Health Equity is working to make sure everyone in our community is counted in the 2020 Census. Less than a 100 percent count of Greater Coatesville residents means we won’t get the full amount of money that we deserve to maintain and improve our schools, support programs that provide health care, public assistance, transportation and even food and support services for our most vulnerable residents. We are particularly focused on hard to reach residents who represent historically undercounted segments of our population. These include older people with mobility limitations, renters, recent immigrants, college students, farmworkers, Latinos/Hispanics, African Americans, South Asians and the Amish. We are asking for your assistance in reaching out to everyone to help meet our goal of 100 percent participation.

Why Completing The Census Survey Matters

In Chester County, every person not counted in the Census means a loss of $2,093 each year for 10 years. That results in billions of dollars lost every year that would fund programs like SNAP (food stamps), Head Start, Section 8 housing and Women’s Infants and Children (WIC).

Funding would also be cut short for health programs serving our veterans, seniors and the most vulnerable populations in our community. And with the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, Chester County will need those funds more than ever.

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Watch And Learn More About The 2020 Census

The Census Bureau has done an outstanding job of producing videos that explain everything from how the census works to how your personal information is kept private and safe.

Click here to watch the videos and feel free to share them with friends and on social media.

Resources To Help You Spread The Word

A number of resources are available for you to download to help you share the importance of completing the 2020 Census Survey with friends, family and co-workers.

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Articles And Social Media Posts

Social media is a quick and easy way to tell others about the importance of completing the 2020 Census survey. Not sure what to write? We’ve done the work for you.

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