Community Voice Initiative

Community Voice Initiative

Community Voice Initiative

Community Voice Initiative

Leading Positive Community-Driven Change

We believe if we empower people in the places where they live, lifting their voices and building their power to shape the services and programs that affect them, leads to community driven solutions. By amplifying community voices to drive locally determined solutions this strategy aims to influence systemic racism and discriminatory practices by influencing inequitable policies, systems, and structures that improve health and well-being for all.

Goal One

Build on community capacity and leadership to increase personal responsibility, voice, and decision making skills that influence systems, policies and distribution of community resources.

Goal Two

Stimulate investment policies, practices of institutions, donor and grantors to leverage resources through public-private partnerships to create blended funding models to advance community health.

Let’s Talk

Unified Giving Session on Allyship

Learn how effective allies amplify the voices of oppressed communities before their own and use privilege to influence inequities and marginalization. Foundation leaders will share their perspective on what it means to be a passive versus active ally, understand the barriers that interfere with their ability to change their personal behavior and organizational culture in order to make intentional change, and discuss what the philanthropic sector can do to be an authentic ally.

Lets Talk Unified Giving

LET’S TALK Unified Giving is part two of our Black Philanthropy series of virtual events focused on encouraging the unification of diverse benefactors for a greater philanthropic impact on the community. Watch the video below for a stimulating conversation about how COVID-19, racial equity and the increased awareness of corporate social responsibility are impacting corporate giving strategies.