Racial & Social Justice

The Alliance For Health Equity is committed to ensuring that racial and social justice is centered in our work. We believe in a shared humanity where we live in a world, we are all embraced for who we are, and able to reach our highest potential.

“Words alone are not adequate to address the health and economic disparities embedded on our societal systems, institutions, and policies. Only action will place us on a path toward true racial and social justice.”


As a health foundation, we cannot expect optimal and equitable community health without tackling the long history of racism and its associated injustices that continue to plague people of color. Research shows that racism is linked to tragic consequences on people of color including unequal medical care, and discrimination in housing, employment, education, and justice systems. These health disparities span generations in part due to our history of individual and structural racism that denies opportunity to people of color and deprives them of their right to achieve their best possible physical and mental health.


Strategic Priority

Community Voice: As we lead the Greater Coatesville community through transformative change, we believe including and empowering community’s voice is paramount to solving complex problems. We need your support more than ever to build a thriving, inclusive, and healthy community for all.


Continuous Learning

Philanthropy Network of Greater Philadelphia: Equity in Philanthropy Cohort


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