The Alliance for Health Equity’s Healthy Living Strategy

On August 28, 2023
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Through community engagement, The Alliance for Health Equity (The Alliance) was able to identify what barriers to access (i.e., physical activity, healthy food, and healthy environments) were preventing better health and wellbeing in Greater Coatesville. As a result, The Alliance implemented its Healthy Living Strategy to activate play, influence social cohesion, and bring multiple generations together in public spaces such as parks and playgrounds.

In partnership with the City of Coatesville and Natural Lands, The Alliance co-created a parks and recreation action plan for the eight parks in the City of Coatesville. The planning process included significant public input which yielded a clear list of the community’s priorities. The Healthy Living Greater Coatesville initiative ensures residents have healthy spaces to live, access to health and wellness programming, and availability of fresh, healthy, and affordable food. This action plan also provides park infrastructure funding, funding for healthy living programs, and opportunities for community input for all the parks in the City of Coatesville.

Parks included in the Action Plan are:

  1. Victor Abdala Sr Park
  2. Chester Ash Memorial Park
  3. Friendship Garden Park
  4. Gateway Park
  5. Jeanne Treadwell James Park
  6. Paul Palmer Park
  7. Earl Q. Patton Park
  8. Valley View Park

To date, four of the eight parks received infrastructure and safety updates. These updates provide youth, individuals, families, and businesses an outdoor health and wellness experience that supports physical, mental, and social well being.

In 2023, The Alliance will invest $30,000-$60,000 to begin park programming related to health and wellness for Greater Coatesville residents. The investment will coordinate and support planning and funding for various health and wellness activities, classes, and training in and around the parks. The added benefits of implementing the City’s park programs include increased park usage, increased physical and mental support activities, increased social interactions between different City sectors, and the advancement of wellness in the Greater Coatesville region.

Community-designed health programs will provide various cultural health activities for youth, adults, and families to promote play, an active lifestyle, and healthy living. The Alliance encourages community members to continue sharing ideas and providing feedback on upcoming health and wellness programs. We also invite you to visit our website, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to learn more about our work and mission to advance a more equitable, resilient and healthy Greater Coatesville community.

The Alliance for Health Equity (formerly Brandywine Health Foundation) is a philanthropic organization striving to advance a more equitable, resilient and healthy community for all residents of the Greater Coatesville area. We pursue our mission by providing grants and scholarships to local nonprofits and students that address health and economic disparities and social justice. We also build partnership programs and give voice to those often left out of community solution building to improve the overall health of their communities. 100% of contributions go directly to those in need.