The Nonprofit Justice and Equity Institute

Responding to people and society justly and equitably

The Nonprofit Justice and Equity Institute (NJEI) is a self-sustaining cohort-based series of seven workshops targeted at the nonprofit sector to self-assess and become socially responsible for unintentional inequitable practices, programs, and processes within their organization’s culture. The NJEI was co-created by The Alliance for Health Equity and the Tammy Dowley-Blackman Group LLC (TDB Group) to provide tools to the nonprofit sector to assist in recognizing and correcting their current and/or past practices that perpetuate institutional discrimination, racism, and injustice.

The Institute’s Goals

The goal of the Nonprofit Justice and Equity Institute is to build the nonprofit sectors’ capacity and institutionalize equity focused approaches, within decision-making, operations, and program service delivery.

Goals Nonprofit Justice and Equity Institute
Cohort 3.1

More Information

For more information about The Nonprofit Justice and Equity Institute, please contact Nicholas Torres, Chief Operations Officer at The Alliance for Health Equity at

Participants & Funders
The Nonprofit Sector
Readiness Assessment
Tools to Recognize Inequitable Practices
Series of Seven Workshops
Justice & Equity Blueprints
Actionable and Sustainable Practices and Policies
Previous Participants

Participants & Funders

Inaugural Nonprofit Justice and Equity Institute Collaborative Funding Partners

A Collaborative Funding model is established, whereby local and regional funders have come together to support the efforts and goals of the Nonprofit Justice and Equity Institute:

  • The Fund for Women and Girls
  • Nelson Foundation
  • Phoenixville Community Health Foundation
  • Chester County Community Foundation
  • United Way of Chester County
  • The Alliance for Health Equity

Organization Participants:

  • Chester County Head Start
  • Achieve Now
  • Maternal and Child Health Consortium
  • Arts Holding Hands and Hearts
  • Camp Dreamcatcher
  • Kennett Area Community Service
  • Thistle Hills, Inc.
  • Montgomery Child Advocate Project

Readiness Assessment

The structure of the Nonprofit Justice and Equity Institute includes an individualized baseline Readiness Assessment modeled and adapted from the “Race Forward Building a Race Equity Culture.”  Each nonprofit organization completes prior to the start of the workshops to determine the stage of Justice and Equity programs and practices currently implemented. 


    A series of seven workshops, both in person and virtual is provided that collectively engages peer-to-peer interactive knowledge building, communication with Equity and Justice expert speakers, and individual training. Below are workshop topics:

    Workshop 1: Networking and Readiness

    Workshop 2: Courageous Justice and Equity Leadership

    Workshop 3: Why Race Matters

    Workshop 4: Why Justice Matters

    Workshop 5: Intersectionality of Social, Health, and Economic Factors

    Workshop 6: Creating Your Nonprofit Justice and Equity Blueprint

    Workshop 7: Accountability to the Community and Wrap Up

    Justice and Equity Blueprint

    Examples of Justice and Equity Blueprints based on Readiness Assessment Stage:

    • Building a workforce and board with individuals from different race backgrounds
    • Creating an environment where everyone is comfortable sharing experiences and is equipped to talk about equity and inequities
    • Integrating race equity into all aspects of the organizations internal and external systems

    Cohort 1: 

    • Brandywine Valley Active Aging
    • ChesPenn Health Services
    • Coatesville Youth Initiative
    • Maternal and Child Health Consortium
    • Open Hearth, Inc.
    • Phoenixville Area Community Services
    • The Public Library of Phoenixville
    • Youth Mentoring Partnership

    Cohort 2: 

    • 2 Fish & 5 Loaves
    • Chester County History Center
    • Chester County Futures
    • Crime Victims Center of Chester County
    • Kennett Library
    • Oxford Arts Alliance
    • Trellis for Tomorrow
    • Valley Forge Park Alliance
    • Young Moms