Zaria Watson Wins 2021 Harry Lewis Jr. Scholarship

On July 13, 2021

The recipient of The Alliance for Health Equity’s 2021 Harry Lewis Jr. Scholarship award is Zaria Watson of Coatesville, PA. This award honors students who, like Mr. Lewis, have demonstrated great leadership and devotion to improving the quality of life in the Greater Coatesville area. Vanessa Briggs, CEO of The Alliance for Health Equity stated, “Harry Lewis Jr. was a pioneer in Pennsylvania politics and tireless advocate for Chester County and Coatesville.  This year’s recipient of the scholarship named in his honor exhibits the same passion for advancing the interests of the citizens of Coatesville.”

Ms. Watson is a graduate of Coatesville Cyber Academy, where she was an honor roll student. Ms. Watson is also a three-year member of the Coatesville Track Team, where she was known for her resilience and Coatesville Pride. She plans to attend Lincoln University in the fall of 2021, where she will pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. After college, her goal is to return to the Coatesville area to assist and support community members through patient education, the promotion of healthy practices, patient treatment, and volunteering.

The Harry Lewis Jr. Scholarship was established by The Alliance for Health Equity to honor a man who served the public for over 56 years. Mr. Lewis worked as a physical education teacher, a special education teacher and an assistant principal before he eventually became the principal for Coatesville Area High School. Following his tenure in the school district, he was elected to serve the 74th Legislative District in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives from 2014 until his retirement in 2018.  His time in office was dedicated to the residents of Chester County.  Particularly in the present times, Ms. Watson’s goal of supporting her community through nursing demonstrates a similar dedication to service of the Greater Coatesville Area.

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