The Alliance for Health Equity CEO Recognized for Outstanding Social Innovation

On February 4, 2020

Vanessa B. Briggs was recently recognized by the Greater Philadelphia Social Innovation Journal for her creative courage and forward-thinking approach to social innovation as President and CEO of The Alliance for Health Equity.

The theme of the Journal’s 2020 awards was “Innovating Ideas, Revolutionizing Realities,” and The Alliance for Health Equity was also recognized as one of the Top 10 Greater Philadelphia Social Investors.

Each year, the Journal honors both not-for-profit and for-profit organizations, as well as individuals who inspire and transform their communities through creative ideas and visionary leadership.

Briggs received the second-place award in the not-for-profit social innovation category at the annual ceremony held at Independence Blue Cross’s newly created Innovation Center.

“The nominees in this category reflect the success of organic leadership and bring their passion as real change-makers to better serve our respective communities,” said Briggs. “It is a privilege to work with The Alliance for Health Equity’s board of inspired visionaries and be recognized for the implementation of innovative practices and strategies in service to the Greater Coatesville community.”

While at the helm of The Alliance for Health Equity, Briggs has instituted a number of innovative strategies that include:

  • shifting her organization from a charity mindset to a philanthropic perspective
  • leading innovative approaches to strategic planning through deep community engagement
  • instituting a Think Tank Group comprised of local, regional, state, and national experts to utilize their collective knowledge on a wide range of social, economic, and political issues that challenge the health of many communities

These efforts and initiatives have led to the recent launch of a new three-year strategic plan and a new approach to grantmaking. One of the recent innovations that Briggs is most proud of is her ongoing effort to better embed diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies into grantmaking, board governance, development, and organizational practice.

As part of the recognition, the Journal has invited the 2020 award recipients to become part of a social innovators lab that will create new systems, policies, and services for implementation throughout the Greater Philadelphia area.

“It has been an honor to receive this award and the recognition that goes with it,” said Briggs. “But while we stop for a moment to celebrate accomplishments, I am always aware of the work that remains to be done and am inspired to work with my fellow leaders to discover creative, new, and innovative ways to better serve our communities.”

Written By: Mark Hostutler at Vista Today