The Alliance for Health Equity

Formerly the Brandywine Health Foundation

We are a philanthropic organization proud to launch a brand-new name, logo, and an entirely new look as part of our ongoing evolution. Join us in this milestone as we continue to strive to advance a more equitable, resilient, and healthy community for all residents of the Greater Coatesville area.

Let’s Talk Allyship

Community-Designed Solutions Challenge

From November – June, The Let’s Talk Allyship Challenge Series will take participants through a process of innovation to explore, test, adapt, and fine-tune community-created solutions.

2022 Annual Report

The 2022 AHE annual report has been published. Learn about our work at The Alliance for Health Equity by viewing our Community Reports.

Greater Coatesville Access Health

Educational materials, in both English and Spanish for the community with information on where to get care, where to find a doctor or medical home, and where to find free or low-cost health insurance.

Nonprofit Justice and Equity Institute

On January 24th, 2023, The Alliance for Health Equity launched its second cohort of the Nonprofit Justice and Equity Institute, a series of learning sessions designed to support the nonprofit sector in its commitment to recognize and mitigate the deeply rooted inequities experienced by its most marginalized community members.


Harnessing the Power of Community & Partnership for a Greater Coatesville!

2020-2022 Strategic Plan

Building on existing assets within the Greater Coatesville helps to reshape our community for greater equality and lasting change. This provides the underpinning of our strategic plan that enables us to carry out core activities. Our Strategic Plan strives to:

  • Improve health and racial inequities
  • Build community power to make decisions that improves community health
  • Foster collaboration and partnerships
  • Support transformational community change

Leading Positive
Community-Driven Change

We believe if we empower people in the places where they live, lifting their voices and building their power to shape systems, services and programs they need the most, it leads to community driven solutions. Community Voice builds community capacity and leadership to effect change that addresses inequities caused by institutional and systemic racism and discriminatory practices.

Impact on The Greater Coatesville Area

Learn about our work at The Alliance for Health Equity by viewing our Community Impact Reports. If you’re already a supporter, we hope you’ll be proud of all we have accomplished together. If you’re new to our work, we hope you’ll be inspired to give and get involved so that we can continue to build on our success and vision for a thriving, inclusive and healthy community for all!