Greater Coatesville Health Survey

Greater Coatesville Health Survey to Build a Stronger, more Equitable, and Integrated Healthcare System to Meet your Needs.

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The Greater Coatesville Hospital Closure Group was formed as a result of the closures of the Brandywine and Jennersville hospitals that drastically increased the already inaccessible and inequitable healthcare to the Coatesville community. The group is made up of leaders representing nearly 20 local and county organizations who develop strategies to minimize the disruption of healthcare services and rebuild a strong and equitable healthcare system in the region.

There are two subgroups to the Greater Coatesville Hospital Closure Group – Advocacy and Coordinated Health Services. These subgroups were formed to prioritize and communicate short term healthcare needs and to focus on longer-term methods to rebuild a stronger healthcare system that is not as vulnerable to the impact of hospital closures and that assesses and addresses gaps in healthcare and health-related services.

The Coordinated Health Services group’s focus is on the identification of healthcare system gaps, conducting a community needs assessment to capture the concerns and healthcare needs of residents related to the hospital closures, and rebuilding a strong equitable healthcare ecosystem. The Coordinated Health Services group recently created a survey for community members to complete regarding healthcare access before and after the hospital closures. Responses will inform government, the new hospital owners, and healthcare providers on how to effectively be responsive to community health needs.

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