Let’s Talk Allyship: Healthcare

On April 21, 2022

Contact: Alyssa Kotzmann
(610) 739 – 3932
April 21st, 2022

For Immediate Release:

The Alliance for Health Equity (The Alliance), in collaboration with the Health Services Leadership Task Force, is excited to host a community-centered hybrid townhall event – Let’s Talk Allyship: Community Healthcare, discussing how community leaders are forging partnerships to face local community hospital closures. Join in the conversation on May 19th, 2022 at 190 West Lincoln Highway in Coatesville or via Zoom from 5PM– 7PM to learn how community advocates, government, philanthropy, nonprofit and private grassroot sectors formed allyships to address healthcare equity and access to a continuum of care and its challenges in response to the Brandywine and Jennersville hospital closures.

The Let’s Talk Allyship: Community Healthcare is part II of The Alliance for Health Equity’s Let’s Talk Series. From hospital closures to health systems merging, and newly developed models of care, many communities are facing significant shifts in healthcare. The purpose of this timely conversation is to demonstrate and discover how multisectoral groups have formed by taking a holistic approach to address the recent healthcare access challenges due to Chester County’s hospital closure.

The Alliance believes that centering equity in all we do, will inspire innovation to transform Chester County’s healthcare ecosystem, but we cannot do this alone. As a result, the Health Services Leadership Task Force was formed, bringing together leaders representing 20 local and county organizations to develop strategies to improve healthcare services and rebuild a strong and equitable healthcare system in the region.

Key speakers of the Let’s Talk Allyship: Community Healthcare include members of the Health Services Leadership Task Force: State Representative Dan Williams, Patrick E. Bokovitz, Department of Human Services., Chris Saello, United Way of Chester County., Linwood Smith, Community Member., Commissioner Marian Moskowitz, Jeanne Franklin, Chester County Health Department., and Mike Murphy, Department of Emergency Services. The Alliance for Health Equity thanks the Imprints Fund of the Chester County Community Foundation and their partnership for funding this vital session on the next steps to allyship.

Register for part II of the Let’s Talk Allyship: Healthcare here. Registration is free and all community members are welcomed and encouraged to attend. There will be a discussion on current strategies and efforts that the Health Services Leadership Task Force is addressing, live Q&A, and community small group discussions on transportation, behavioral health, Telehealth expansion, and current acute/non-acute healthcare needs.

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