Alyssa Kotzmann 


Marketing and Communications Manager 

About Me

Alyssa Kotzmann

Alyssa Kotzmann

Marketing and Communications Manager

Phone: (484) 257-9821


Fun Fact

I can sing the alphabet backwards. Next time you see me ask and I’ll gladly prove myself :)

Go-To Coatesville Restaurant

You can’t go wrong with the wraps from Little Chef!

Why did you choose Greater Coatesville?

“Greater Coatesville is a diverse environment where there is a City, Suburb, and Rural atmospheres all in one localized region. Not only is the area beautiful, but the residents that encompass Coatesville are strong, inclusive, and loyal to their neighbors. I always am greeted with a smile whenever I walk along the city strip. I chose Greater Coatesville because of the committed residents and businesses who The Alliance for Health Equity continues to support in  achieving equitable healthcare similar to neighboring regions.”

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