Moira Gassenmeyer, LMSW  


Equity Integrated Health Center Coordinator 

About Me

Moira Gassenmeyer, LMSW

Moira Gassenmeyer, LMSW

Equity integrated health center coordinator

Phone: (484) 257-9762


Fun Fact

My wife and I have chickens and just built our own Greenhouse!

Go-To Coatesville Restaurant

I’ll always take people to Willy’s if they’re visiting Coatesville but frequent Alquisiras more frequently.

What energizes and excites you about your work?

Being able to connect organizations to each other, community members to organizations, and vice versa, I get to work everyday with folks that are truly enthusiastic and optimistic about Coatesville’s future. This community’s energy and love in every parade, block party, meeting, or event radiates in a way that makes it hard to not be excited about getting to be a part of it.”

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