7 Tips for a Happy and Safe Halloween in Coatesville

On October 16, 2023
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Halloween tricks and treats can be a lot of fun for kids and teens… and also a little scary for the grown-ups in their lives. At The Alliance for Health Equity, our goal is to improve health, social, emotional, and economic conditions among children, teens, and families in the Coatesville Area. With that in mind, here are seven tips for a happy and safe Halloween!

1.When trick-or-treating, stay together and keep a watchful eye on younger children. When possible, walk on the sidewalk and visit one side of the neighborhood at a time. When it’s time to cross the street, encourage little ones to hold your hand and look both ways first.

2. If you will be out after dark, stick to well-lit areas, and be sure to bring plenty of flashlights and glow sticks. You can also add strips of reflective tape to costumes to help drivers see your trick-or-treaters at night. All these items can typically be found at dollar stores this time of year.

3. Choose costumes that are easy to move around in and suited for the weather, and bring along some extra layers in case the night gets chilly. Skip pieces that are tripping hazards or difficult to see out of, such as masks and long capes. There will also be a lot of walking, so make sure everyone wears comfortable shoes that are properly secured.

4. For kids who scare easily, trick-or-treat early and nearby, or look for other ways to celebrate, such as a community fall festival, family-friendly holiday movie, or trunk-or-treat event at a local school or church. Kids can also dress up at home and help pass out candy.

5. For teenagers who still like to trick-or-treat, MyChesCo recommends reminding them to be respectful of their community and to always say thank you after receiving candy. Also, encourage teens to choose a creative costume that is appropriate for all ages, and be mindful of not scaring young children.

6. It’s also important to discuss the consequences of Halloween mischief, such as vandalism, as well as rules and expectations. If your teen will be out alone with friends, know where they are going and who they will be with. Make sure they adhere to any curfews, and set times to call home and check in with you as the night progresses.

7. Last but certainly not least, make sure kids of all ages are aware that it is unsafe to eat any goodies or candy before you check their haul. Visit the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website for more information on potential dangers and making sure Halloween treats are safe.

Have a happy and safe Halloween, from The Alliance!

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